What is Layer 4 Technologies?

Layer 4 Technologies is an IP stresser and IP booter website designed to allow regular people to take down internet connections through a flood of different types of DDoS attack traffic. The goal of our service is to consume the targets available network and hardware resources or exploit vulnerability in code to render it unreachable.

Uses for Layer 4 Technologies include stress testing your own networks, stress testing the networks of colleagues or even just booting competition offline on video games or booting people you just don't like.

Layer 4 Technologies began two years ago as a community project and so far has been developed and maintained by some of the greatest minds in the stresser and booter industry. Layer 4 Technologies is not just another stresser and sets the standards that other booters follow.

Does Layer 4 Technologies work on anything or anyone?

Yes! This stresser will flood the internet connection of anyone or anything with the method you choose for as long as you want if you have its IP address. Our booter makes it easy to take them offline using a simple form. Attacks are sent in milliseconds from extremely powerful backend booter servers after you hit "Start"! It works on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 (PS4), PlayStation 3 (PS3) and PC platforms.

The booter itself is completely custom coded with speed and simplicity of use as top priorities. Layer 4 Technologies should be the fastest stresser you have ever had the pleasure of navigating.

How powerful is Layer 4 Technologies?

We rent a large network of very powerful dedicated servers for the sole purpose of booting targets. They're interconnected and communicate through web sockets making them the sole power source for our stresser. Our booter's estimated total network exceeds 250 gigabits per second.

Below you can see the real power of one of our non-VIP user floods:

Are any of my attacks traceable back to me?

Attacks are completely untraceable as they're sent from our own dedicated servers located all around the world. We keep no logs so sending attacks from your home IP is completely safe. Protection of personal information of our clients is #1. We don't ask for any of it.

What's the difference between all the methods you offer?

We provide several UDP and TCP attack methods to make sure you know which ones will take your target down. Among these UDP methods are DNS, NTP, CHARGEN, SOURCE (VSE), and NETBIOS with our TCP methods including SYN and DOMINATE.

UDP methods utilize a flood on connectionless protocols to consume network resources in full. TCP attacks utilize bugs and vulnerabilities in the TCP socket structure that will cause a system to hang or start refusing connections. These layer 4 methods are some of the most powerful on the internet. Layer 7 methods utilize web requests, either in masse or specially crafted, to cause web servers to crash or stop responding.

What if I need help?

We have a team of exceptionally trained users just like yourself who love to render assistance. Be sure that any support ticket you open will be answered as quickly as possible with an average response time of one hour. Make Layer 4 Technologies the last booter you will ever buy. We accept PayPal and Bitcoin so never find yourself without a subscription!